Wednesday, February 27, 2008

$700? It's just not worth it.

My friend Susannah emailed me this ho-hum, slightly mid-century coffee table this morning, with a list of justifications on why she had to have it. Never mind the $700 price tag, but it's just plain ok, no?

After explaining that I was siding with her husband on this one (the husband who would still be sleeping on zebra sheets from 8th grade, if it were not for her), she challenged me to find her one. And so the hunt begins...

Eliptikal Coffee Table $170
Danish Modern $200
2 Drawer Coffee Table $319
West Elm Table $349
Note: The tables I found are in no way a replacement of that exact table, just more bang for your buck if you ask me)


Anonymous said...

Touche my friend, touche. I like the Danish Modern one best. Or will that be like all my 1999 Shabby Chic furniture and one day it will scream 2008?

NinaL said...

to each his own ...
im not crazy about your shoes.
BUT its nice to try to save your friend some $ and she must appreciate the research.
And f*you for making me covet Kooba bags.

Calie Durant said...

I agree, $700 for that table is overpriced. I like your picks.