Saturday, May 3, 2008

bahama mama {the balm}

The last time I exited a Benefit I swore it was the last time, there's always a guy working there who literally can convince me to buy ANYTHING. I don't know know what's wrong with me, but somehow I end up with the most random products like frosted/crystallized lavender lip gloss and some sort of lemon eye goo that is pretty much useless. Anyhooooo, Bahama Mama promises me a "fresh off-the-beach glow", and is not by Benefit (but you could have fooled me with the copycat packaging), but I do kind of want it. Just hoping I don't regret the purchase 24 hours later.


Anonymous said...

BAH!Benefit ALWAYS gets me with their slick retro packaging (it's a HUGE weakness of mine). I have 2-5 products from them that i use and enjoy- the rest sits in my makeup case mocking me!

Unknown said...

I love products like this. Mine is actually Benefit, but wearing spf 30 everyday can make a brown girl like me feel pale (ie sad and depressed) This will make you feel like you spent the day at the beach without sunscreen. You are wearing sunscreen everyday right? Sorry I can't help it.