Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's Taco Tuesday!

I can't imagine how I've gone this long without sharing my favorite weekly ritual: Taco Tuesday. Dave has Tuesday's off, and tacos just happen to be his specialty, so he head's up this weekday feast. It's make-your-own style, so we line up the toppings in bowls, keep the shells warm in the oven and keep 'em coming until we've reached our limit. My favorite is grilled shrimp, avocado and cabbage, so fresh & tasty!

I was just reminded of the episode of Real Housewives of NY when Noel, the son of the Countess, tells his mom, "You're never home for taco night!". So very sad, one must never, ever miss taco night.


Megan said...

Taco Tuesday sounds great, and Dave rules for being the host. Brian is not a reliable taco maker, he hasn't spent the requisite amount of time in Baja like Dave. In fact, he's just not really up to par in the kitchen IMHO, which sucks for me, but I'm a control freak as far as my food is concerned, I'm also a bit more gourmet, so I tend to be the boss. He's pretty much not allowed to touch my expensive knives because he's a rook.

SGM said...

Girl, I would never miss taco night at your house with fixins like that!