Wednesday, May 28, 2008

new pillows!

I made these pillows the other day with this silk fabric I bought on Etsy. I just love the look of an all-white bed, but I really needed some color to complete it. The fabric came straight from Japan from Karaku Fabric in only 5 days (she also sent a bunch of pretty samples in a beautifully wrapped package). I love me some Etsy.
photo: Phoebe & Ruby being cuties


southern daze said...

Those pillows are adorable! I wish I could sew but I don't think I'm patient enough to try!

I also love the print above your bed. I received the pink/orangey-red version for Christmas but it's a bigger than I'd anticipated and won't fit where I had imagined it. I'm now thinking about putting it over our bed so I was happy to see how cute yours was in that location. Do you remember where you found the frame?

Anonymous said...

Those pillow are absolutley perfect. I LOVE them!

I am sorry about your husband's accident and so glad he is going to be ok!!

benson said...

First time poster...long time stalker :) Blessings to your husband..angels were that. Where oh where can I get the poster/print above the bed...fabuloso!

southern daze said...

Amber - I just realized I asked you the exact same question on another post and you've already answered it. So sorry!


Joanna Goddard said...

lovely! what a pretty room (and pretty girls).