Tuesday, May 20, 2008

let's take it back {way back, circa 1982}

Long before Sarah Jessica Parker was teetering around NYC in her Manolo's, I was watching her geek out as high school-wannabee Patty on Square Pegs. For it's time, this was THE show to watch. If you weren't down with the daily happenings at Weemawee High School, and your idol wasn't pep squad leader Jamie Gertz, then just what were you doing on Wednesday evenings in 1982??
I realize I'm totally dating myself here, but I just had to spread the good news: today, Square Pegs has been release on DVD. Yep, all 17 episodes, so add it to your Netflix queue and get watchin'! Wait...was I the only one watching this show?


Unknown said...

I watched it.
I was watching Knocked Up again the other night and reconized the voice of the Valley Girl from Square Pegs. In Knocked Up she was the wardrobe woman that worked at E!

Robin said...

I found your blog via Fifi Flowers (she tagged us both). I LOVED Square Pegs and am so psyched to hear it is on DVD. I am going to add it to my Netflix queue right now.