Tuesday, May 13, 2008

home interiors {not too overdone}

I won't lie, when I look at fancy home magazine's like House Beautiful, Arch Digest, or even sometimes in Domino (gasp!), I get overwhelmed. Maybe it's because I do all my own dusting, but between the fabrics, chochkies and the gilded mirrors, it can all look a bit overdone and over styled. Like living in a gallery. My worst nightmare is for an interior designer to fill my home home with "stuff" that has no meaning to me. On the flip side, these images by interior designer Nathan Egan are simple, but filled with curiosity. I could breathe in these rooms, I just love them. via Sarah's Fab Day


Ten Thousand Only said...

just thought you'd like to know...

i ran into LO from the hills on saturday at the grove in l.a. well, it's less "ran into" and more like "ran after".

that's all.

amber {daisy chain} said...

WHAT!? I love that stuff, you've got to give me more details; what was she wearing, who was she with (I hope not Lo, she's so unfriendly), did she think you were a stalker?