Wednesday, May 21, 2008

{color} dressing for your mood

One time when I was in a gloomy mood I decided to wear the color I wished I felt. I wore a pink, long sleeved Michael Stars shirt with a worn pair of Citizens and flip flops. Can I just tell you how quickly my mood turned around? I'm a firm believer in this stuff, colors really do have an effect on the ways we react to what we see. Carl Jung encouraged his patients to use color in their paintings to express the deepest unconscious part of their psyches. Here's a handy chart on how color relates to your wardrobe:
Wearing Yellow = warmth, optimism & light
White = a clean slate, new beginnings
Pink = approachable, open hearted
Blue = calm, comforting
Green = healing (turn over a new leaf)
Grays & Blacks = depressive
image by Amy Neunsinger


Jacinda said...

Love the photo!

Kathryn said...

That photo just feeds my parasol obsession! I keep a large glass jar of lemonheads on my desk - the color is so intensely yellow that it is guaranteed to brighten my day.