Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dear Target,

Dear Target, (tar-jay)

Just a few props because I don't think you get enough. You've got style, Tarjay, sometimes a girl just needs some quick shopping therapy without the big 'ol pricetags.
Thank you for being there for me when I constantly change my tastes and styles like the loves and hates, all within weeks at a time.
Your collection is the coolest; gourd lamps, fun beach towels, bean bags and everything else under the sun.

You're rad, don't go changin'
Thank You,


Anonymous said...

I'm in LOVE with that lamp!

Unknown said...

You are so funny. So Billy Joel. I totally agree. Monday I went to Target (I just call him Target because I accecpt him as he is) And wanted to buy hats and pillows and duvets and I do enjoy the lamps and backyard stuff but, what I bought was Q-tips, cotton balls, Weleda Skin Food (couldn't find it any where else) and a bicycle pump.

amber {daisy chain} said...

Danielle - these lamps are SO good - if I hadn't already bought mine at RH I'd be all over these.
Am - it's good of you to accept Target as he is, once I heard someone refer to him as "Tar-ghetto" and I was offended. And, are we sure we want Target to be a him and not a her? Hmm. One to ponder.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

P.S. - I love you too Target, you really know how to cheer me up when I wander your aisles after the littles go to bed.

I like to think of Tar-jay as totally female, I mean she totally gets us. Where else do you run in for let's say...diapers and then come out with a couple t-shirts, a cute canvas handbag and loads o'crap from the dollar bins?

olivia said...

i love target as much as the next girl, believe me! so i hope he won't break up with me for telling you this... but that gourd lamp is almost an exact replica of a (cheaper!) one at pier one. you didn't hear it from me though!