Thursday, May 8, 2008

please send good wishes {Rosalie}

In the first grade I met a curly haired girl named Rosalie. I liked that she wasn't perfect, and that her clothes didn't always match. Instead of playing tag at lunchtime we stamped in puddles and collected yellow flowers. We were instant friends and then, best friends. A few years later, we pretended to be spies, walking around the neighborhood with little spiral notebooks jotting down her neighbor's every move. Life was simple and carefree.
Rosalie is my age (34) and found out she had breast cancer while she was pregnant with her daughter. Chemo started right away, her beautiful baby Sadie was born, and she's continuing on her road to recovery. One step at a time. I never wanted to talk about her on this blog, it's so private and so personal, but now I know she needs the support.
Rosalie goes in for a double mastectomy tomorrow morning, please keep her in your heart, and send your prayers and good wishes her way, I know she will feel it.


zobars said...

I hope your friend Rosalie recovers fully and you guys have many more years of a beautiful friendship. She is in my prayers for sure.

Rosalie said...

You're so sweet. Thanks for sending out the blogger shout out. What I love most, is that picture of me, all pregnant and getting married, also showcases those breasts of mine to the nth degree!
My Goddess, they are big. Maybe this mastectomy is a blessing in the worst kind of disguise.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hello Rosalie

It has been a long time since we saw each other...I think Amber's wedding...I have been following your story and praise you for your strength and courage. Sadie is a doll. I will be thinking of you and sending healing loving thoughts and prayers your way. Be safe be well be loved.

My love to you,

Linda from NY (Amber's fairy godmother)

Anonymous said...

Rosalie, my mother has been through this, and she is doing absolutely fine. I felt sad for her at first, but I don't even feel sad any more ... there is no need. We just figured out how to adjust her wardrobe choices and went right on going, so thankful for every new day we have together. I'll be thinking about you and sending up little arrow prayers for joy, peace, and fast healing.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Sending lots of love and postive energy Rosalie's way!

Anonymous said...

We only met once at Amber's home, but you have and will continue to be in my heart and thoughts. Love and support surrounds you.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to send some positive vibes from Australia. I wish you strength.

Kathryn said...

Sending as many good thoughts and prayers as can be mustered. I hope your friend enjoys a full and rapid recovery.